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The Melbourne Air & Space Show soars back into Orlando Melbourne International Airport in Florida on March 30-31, 2019 featuring the North American Debut of the U.S. Air Force F-35 Lightning II Demo Team.  This will be the first time the F-35, also known as the Joint Strike Fighter, will be demonstrated to the public in North America.  The 40 acre event site will feature a wide variety of military and civilian aircraft on static display.  Additional military and civilian performers will be announced in the next several weeks leading up to the show.  To be the first to know please enter your info below!


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    • Laney Poye says:

      Hi Rich, no veteran discount as we offer an across-the-board discount for purchasing tickets online prior to the show. If you buy online now, they are 25% off.

    • Laney Poye says:

      Hi MG – ticket holders were sent an email out two weeks ago with access to the Saturday and Sunday sequence. If you purchased tickets and did not receive this email, please let us know at info@air.show!

      • MG says:

        Hi, I am trying to decide if I can go but would like to know what events and times so I can try to break lose from work

        • Laurens says:

          Even as VIP ticket holders; and with access to the lineup via the “For eyes only” code; I am unable to see the times as they are NOT provided per individual performance. It only shows the sequence, again, NOT the times. Hope that helps somewhat…

  1. Kim says:

    Are the events and sites the same for both days? Can we bring a backpack, camera and small wagon to pull the lawn chairs?

    • Laney Poye says:

      Hey Kim, yes, the events and sites are the same for both days. A small backpack, camera and a small wagon are all fine to bring. See our FAQ page for more information on what is allowed.

  2. Laurens says:

    Pardon me if I am overlooking it but have looked around a lot on the site and faqs but am unable to find a list of the static displays. Can you please direct me to the right page/provide a link?
    Thank you much!

  3. Nicholas says:

    I’ve never been to an airshow but I am super excited for this! What is general admission like? I’m on a hard budget, so just standing around in the crowd will I be able to fully see and experience everything? Also, any change there’ll be an F-22 there?

    • Laney Poye says:

      Hey Nicholas, Welcome to the air show! It is such a fun time. While the crowds are large at this type of events, you are allowed to bring your own chair and set up where you like to view the show, which flies right in front of the audience. We do not allow pop-up tents or large umbrellas, so none of our guests’ views are obstructed. Performer line-up is here: https://airandspaceshow.com/performers/

  4. tyler says:

    just wanting to know if they do dropping of bombs or something and make it cool and fun? or is that the one in punta gorda only?

  5. Lori says:

    This will be our 3rd year attending this magical show! We get VIP tickets and let me say worth every penny. This show will blow your mind! I can’t wait for tomorrow! Side note: it’s less crowded on Sunday so less crowd to deal with.

  6. Teresa Callahan says:

    This is the 3rd time I’m asking for guidance.

    I am taking my two nephews to this event. I purchased tickets online. Where do general admission folks enter and where is parking?

        • Teresa says:

          The two nephews I took to the airshow last year were the children of my 52-year-old brother who had suddenly and tragically died just 6 days prior to the show. Attending the air show was a last-minute idea and my way of trying to give my nephews something else to think about besides grief and the loss of their father. If my manners were lacking, it was because I had requested assistance two times prior to this request.

          Know the facts before passing judgement.

          • Laney Poye says:

            Hi Teresa, we are sorry that we had not received the prior messages from you about the 2018 show in order to be able to help you out. Definitely agree that no thanks was necessary on your part for us to provide you with the information you needed to make for a good day with your family. We’re here to support.

  7. Stephen Hamerlin says:

    Always an incredibly impressive show ! (This coming from an old school Army Grunt.) Fly safe and looking forward to a great day. Thanks !

  8. C. Hunt says:

    so excited to be going this weekend! Bought last year ahead of time, then the change was a conflict and all worked out……going! Watching them practice today made me so sad to not be going. Worked things out……YEAH!

  9. Maria says:

    I was privileged to work on B2 in Palmdale Calif in the 90s so excited to see it fly . Please can you give me a time slot when it will do the fly by

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