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If you have a question that has not been answered on the Flight Line Club, Photo Pit or other any other page of the website, it may have been asked and answered below. If you don’t see it here you can submit a question on this page or call the info line at (321) 395-3110.

Frequently Asked Questions

          • What time can I enter the event?
            Gates open 9:00 am on Saturday and Sunday.
          • What time do the Flight Line Club and Corporate Chalets open?
            All VIP areas at 10:00 am on Saturday and Sunday.
          • How long is the event?
            Gates open at 9:00 am, flight performances take place between 12 noon – 3:00pm and the event site closes at 4:00 pm.
          • Will the schedule be the same both days?
            Yes. Performers are scheduled to perform both Saturday and Sunday.
          • Will the static displays be open all day Saturday and Sunday or do they close when the air performances start?
            Static displays will be open from 9am – 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.
          • Can I go in and out of the event?
            Re-entry to the event is not allowed.
          • What is not allowed onto the air show grounds?
            Coolers, outside food, weapons of any kind, tools and pets.
          • Can food, beverages and/or coolers be brought into the air show?
            Outside food and coolers are not allowed on air show grounds.
          • Can I bring a bottle of water into the event?
            Yes! Each attendee can bring one sealed bottle of water up to 1 liter in size.
          • Can we bring sunscreen?
            Sunscreen will be allowed into the air show.
          • Are backpacks allowed?
            Backpacks are allowed and will be subject to security inspection upon entrance into the air show.
          • Are cameras and video recorders allowed?
            Yes. Feel free to take as many photos/videos as you would like.
          • Can I bring a wagon for my kids?
            Wagons without a canopy will be allowed into the air show.
          • Are pets allowed entry to the show?
            Due to concerns for the safety of attendees and animals, no pets will be allowed into the event.
          • Is there going to be food & drinks for purchase at the event?
            Various food & beverage items will be available onsite ranging in price from $3-$15.
          • Will food and beverage available for purchase be cash only? Will credit cards be accepted?
            Food and beverage vendors will accept both cash and credit cards.
          • Will vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free food options be available for purchase?
            While our concessionaire makes every effort to ensure menu items are suitable for all guests, we suggest eating before you arrive to the event if you have dietary restrictions.
          • I have a toddler, can I bring diapers and his/her food?
            Diapers will be allowed into the air show.  Baby food, formula, breast milk, etc. are allowed in reasonable quantities. Please present your items for inspection upon entry into the event.
          • Is smoking allowed in the air show?
            The air show is held inside the secure fenced area of the airport and smoking is not allowed anywhere on the grounds. There will be a designated smoking area just outside of the air show entrance gate.
          • Are there any shaded areas?
            Shade is extremely limited as we are located in an open airfield.  Please plan accordingly
          • Can I bring a tent, beach umbrella or awning?
            Due to security and safety concerns, tents, beach umbrellas, awnings and the like are not allowed on air show grounds. Personal hand-held umbrellas, no larger than 5 feet in diameter, are allowed.
          • How do I become a food, beverage or merchandise vendor at the air show?
            The air show food, beverage and retail is managed by a master concessionaire.  To submit to be a sub-contactor Click Here and be sure to indicate on the form pull down menu that you are requesting to be a vendor.
          • I have a flight out of MLB on the day of the air show, will airport schedules be affected?
            Flights to and from Orlando Melbourne International Airport will not be affected by the air show. For any additional questions regarding commercial flights, we recommend you contact the airport by telephone at 321.723.6227 or email at authority@mlbair.com
          • Do I need to bring my own seating or can I purchase/rent seating there at the event?
            You can bring your own seating or purchase limited seating on the flight line for $10 cash on a first come, first served basis.
          • Do you recommend ear protection for children?
            Ear protection is optional, but is recommended for young children
          • How do I request media credentials?
            Please contact our Public Relations Director at pr@air.show
          • Where is Lost & Found located?
            At the main entrance gate
          • What are your preferred hotels?
            Our Where-to-Stay page features the hotels where the pilots and teams are staying  HERE .
          • Can I ride my bicycle to the air show?
            Absolutely. You can ride your bicycle to the air show and lock it up in one of our official air show parking lots.
          • Can bicycles be ridden into the air show?
            Bicycles are not allowed inside the event.
          • I would like to fly in for the event, where can I park my plane?
            Please reach out to one of the two FBOs that will be operating during the air show: Apex Aviation or Atlantic Jet Center. These FBOs will also have information regarding TFRs and NOTAMs.
          • Where is the entrance to the event and how do I get there?
            The airshow grounds are located on the South side of Orlando Melbourne International Airport with the main entrance located on Harry Sutton Road.
          • Where is Parking located?
            Please refer to our GETTING THERE PAGE.
          • How much is Parking?
            Parking is $12 in advance and $15 at the event.  Preferred parking will be available for $15 only in advance.  Parking will go on sale on March 1st.
          • Do you have any special provisions for the handicapped?
            All public areas of the air show are handicap accessible.  The show is held at an airport. The terrain includes asphalt, concrete, and grass.  Please come prepared to get around the site on your own! Some people have found that electric wheelchairs and scooters make all the difference.  Wheelchairs and scooters will not be available for rent, but you are more than welcome to bring your own.
          • Is handicapped parking available?
            Handicapped parking will be available in all official air show parking lots.
          • Will there be bleachers for seating?
            We do not offer bleacher seating, but you do have options. You can either bring your own seating or purchase seating along the flight line for $10 at the show, first come, first served.
          • What are the children prices?
            General Admission for children ages 6-12 is  discounted and children under 6 years of age are free. The Flight Line Club also has a discounted children’s ticket for ages 3-12, children under 2 sitting in their parents lap are free.
          • Will tickets be available at the gate on the day of the show?
            Yes tickets will be available for purchase at the gate.  Purchasing in advance is recommended as tickets are discounted and you don’t have to wait in line at the box office.
          • Do you have senior citizen, military, student or other discounts?
            We offer a discount to everyone when you purchase your tickets in advance either online or by phone.
          • Are there any promotional codes available for discounted tickets?
            Your best chance at getting a promotional code for discounted tickets is to sign up to our email newsletter HERE.
          • Can I use my tickets on either day of the air show?
            Your tickets are only valid for the day indicated.  If you would like to change the date of your ticket, please reach out to our box office by telephone at 877.301.8499 or Click Here to email the box office
          • Can I present my tickets on my mobile device?
            You will be able to present your tickets for entry into the air show on your mobile device. If you purchased a parking voucher in advance, please make sure it is printed and visible to parking and traffic attendants to expedite your entrance into the parking lot.
          • I purchased my tickets in advance, but have not received them. What do I do?
            Contact our box office by telephone at 877.301.8499 or Click Here to email them and they will be able to assist you.
          • I lost my tickets, what do I do?
            Contact our box office by telephone at 877.301.8499 or Click Here to email  them and they will be able to assist you.
          • What is your Rain Policy?
            In the event of non-authorized intervention, weather or other causes beyond our control, the event may be terminated or suspended and tickets are non-refundable.



    • Laney Poye says:

      Yes tripods are fine but we ask that you be courtesy to those around you and not obstruct the views of your fellow air show guests!

    • Laney Poye says:

      Hi Karen, “friend of the air show” tickets are those that are set aside complimentary for our performers to bring along friends or family members who want to see the show. It’s not quite the same as the VIP, but there is a designated tented area for you all, with some light refreshments. The VIP Flight Line Club includes full lunch and drinks, seating, shade, etc.

  1. Filippo Mazzanti says:

    Hello, I bought my ticket when they first were released but due to unforeseen circumstances I cannot attend the event on Saturday. I was wondering if you have a refund policy or if I can give the ticket to a friend of mine and have him use it even if the ticket has my name on it. Thank you in advance.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I’ve never been to an air show but have heard that you can “get up close and personal” with the aircraft on the tarmac. Is this the case with this particular air show? And if so, is it included with the general admission tickets or only the VIP?

    • Laney Poye says:

      Hi Jennifer, so we have what are called “Static Displays” which are parked aircraft that the general public can come up and view, and even walk through in some cases! These are not the same as those flying through the air, as those planes are (very necessarily) being prepped and maintained for their flights. All tickets include getting to see our static displays as well as the aerial portion of the show!

  3. Amy says:

    Is it better to bring chairs or a blanket to sit on? Can we even bring a blanket? Also, are strollers okay to bring? How about diaper bags or should we pack everything into a backpack? Anything else we may want to bring with 2 toddlers besides sunscreens, hats, and ear protection? I’m just trying to make sure we don’t forget anything!

    • Laney Poye says:

      Hi Amy, a blanket would be fine, but there is a pretty high volume of people, so I would worry that you would (a) have someone stepping on it or through it, or (b) you might not have as good a view due to being lower than the rest of the crowd. That being said, you can absolutely bring your own chairs, and if you want to bring a blanket too for a small play area for your child, that would be fine. Diaper bags are just fine; they will be subject to search at the gate like all other bags. Strollers are also great and perfectly fine to bring. Your list for the toddlers sounds perfect; the only thing I would add is to say you can bring up to 1L of water per guest, and if you’d like a handheld umbrella for shade, that is also allowed.

    • Laney Poye says:

      Hi Jack, unfortunately, no a pop-up crib cannot be allowed due to the volume of foot traffic and the presence of an active airfield. Parents are allowed to have a small wagon or strollers for their toddlers.

  4. Lori says:

    I read something about the event having a kid zone area. What is in that area? I was wondering if there will be a bounce house, craft, or face painting in that area because my kids would be happier if they did. My concern is my kids will become bored and ruin the experience for adults in my party.

    • Laney Poye says:

      Hi Lori, we do have a few activities for kids that will be available. However, we always forewarn parents to come with the expectation of a typical air show: it is an active, busy event with lots to see – not just planes in the sky, but also static displays.

  5. Gavin says:

    Is the Air Show viewable from the river? As in if I where in my boat anchored would be able to see any of the show, or anything at all?

    • Laney Poye says:

      Hi Gavin – it’s unlikely that you would see much of anything from the river. The air show is located at the Melbourne Airport which is pretty far inland from the river.

  6. Curt says:

    I purchased a parking ticket for this Saturday (3/30/19). It is a General parking ticket. Is it possible to exchange it for a Preferred parking ticket. Of course, I will pay the difference.
    Thank you.

  7. 352-812-1858 says:

    Per your comments and FAQ it says the B2 will only be at the show on March 24th, yet the air show is on March 30th and the 31st. Is this an error or is the B2 not in the actual air show on the 30th or 31st?

    • Laney Poye says:

      Hi there – there was an old 2018 post that got accidentally reposted by a member of our team a couple weeks ago, but was taken down shortly thereafter. The show is March 30-31. We will not have the B2 at this year’s show. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused!

  8. Tom says:

    Hello. I purchased a photo pit pass which if I understood correctly, includes a parking pass. Is the parking pass for the general parking area? Thank you.

    • Laney Poye says:

      Hey Tom, as a Photo Pit guest, you get a spot in our VIP parking lot. Let us know if you didn’t get this emailed to you and we’ll make sure our box office re-sends it.

    • Laney Poye says:

      Yes! We just ask that any guests using camera equipment be courteous to the other guests around them. Your camera bag will be subject to inspection at the admission gate.

  9. Matt says:

    Members of my family have Celiac disease, and require a strict gluten free diet. Per the Q&A above, we aren’t allowed to bring our own food and aren’t allowed reentry. Due to the length of the event, it’s not reasonable to expect my children to not eat. Since Celiac is a disability according to the ADA, will accommodations be possible?

    • Laney Poye says:

      Hi Bill, the Thunderbirds are not attending the 2019 show. We have the F-35 demo as our headliner this year!

  10. Maury says:

    How much is Motorcycle Parking?

    2 Friends and I can fit our motorcycles in 1 parking slot is this allowed?


    • Laney Poye says:

      Motorcycle parking is the same price as all other parking. One parking pass per vehicle is required.

    • Laney Poye says:

      Hey Kerm, you can bring your RV in to the parking lot for the day if you need to, but we don’t have overnight RV parking because parking is located on airport property. There are a number of really great parks throughout Brevard County with RV hookups.

  11. Loran Haworth says:

    I am a retired member of the US Army who worked with the Australian Army as a pilot. Can I and my grandson get into the airshow for no charge like I do in the US and Canada. I have my retired armed service card from the US military.
    Thank you

    • Laney Poye says:

      Hi Loran, unfortunately we do not have free admission into the show for anyone, including military. However, tickets are currently onsale at our pre-show discount for 25% off for all guests. Thank you so much for your service to our country and as a military “ambassador” in Australia! I know you will enjoy the patriotic nature of the show.

  12. Tashianna says:

    Hello, are children under 6 free for general admission? I only see tickets for adults and children from 6 to 12. Just making sure. Thanks!

    • Laney Poye says:

      Hey David, we’ll be sending out the parking instructions to all our VIP customers in the next two weeks. You will be just fine coming at 10:30 pm – there is plenty of parking for you guys!

      • Paige Kach says:

        Can I bring a fold up chair to the VIP tent for my son who is a double amputee and it’s difficult to get up without handles on the chairs? If not by the table could we place it outside the tent for viewing??

        • Laney Poye says:

          Hey Paige, ABSOLUTELY! That’s no problem at all. We just provide chairs for all our VIP guests as a benefit of what your ticket includes, but we have no problem accommodating you bringing what works best for your son. We’ve got awesome volunteers stationed throughout the VIP area if you need any additional help too. Just look for the people with the yellow shirts with “volunteer” on the back.

  13. Ryan says:

    In the FAQ it says children under 2 in the flight line VIP are free, and discounted for 3-12. My son is 2…so would he be free or require a ticket?

    • Laney Poye says:

      Hey Nikki, yes, we do this with a couple different companies in the Melbourne area. Please contact us at info@air.show with the amount of tickets that you think you will need, and we’ll introduce you to our ticketing folks to get it underway.

  14. Bill says:

    Will we be able to go back to our vehicle and get our chairs or do we have to haul them around the displays and such before the show starts ?

    • Air & Space Show says:

      Re-entry is not allowed into the show. Please bring your chairs and set them up when you arrive before you view the displays.

  15. Ruth says:

    Will the Saturday show sell out? If so, how do we know how many tickets are left or percent purchased before officially selling out?

    • Air & Space Show says:

      It certainly may. We do not publish that information. The only way to guarantee your attendance is to purchase your tickets in advance.

    • Air & Space Show says:

      Of course. Please make sure you bring your service animal registration papers to present to security when you arrive.

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