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Take a Ride in a B-25

At the 2024 Air Dot Show Orlando, the renowned B-25J Mitchell Bomber “Panchito” will be on display, showcasing its pivotal role in World War II. With over 9,800 units produced, the B-25 was a versatile medium bomber used in various theaters of war. “Panchito,” with its unique history in the 41st Bombardment Group, offers a glimpse into its combat missions and crew dynamics.
What makes this event even more special is the rare opportunity provided by the Delaware Aviation Museum to take a ride in the iconic “Panchito.” Attendees can step back in time, experiencing the thrill of flying aboard this historic aircraft. The ride allows participants to appreciate the B-25’s design and various modifications, including its armaments and adaptability for different mission profiles.
As you witness “Panchito” in action at Air Dot Show Orlando, consider seizing the chance to become part of history by taking a ride in this remarkable B-25. It’s a unique and immersive experience that connects attendees with the aircraft’s legacy and the courageous crews who once flew it in service to their country.

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*Friday rides will take off from Million Air Orlando FBO
Saturday & Sunday rides will take off from inside the Air Dot Show Orlando show site.
B-25 Ride ticket is not valid for entry to the Air Show

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