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The Melbourne Air & Space Show is organized by the National Air, Sea and Space Foundation. To reach one of our department heads you can e-mail them by clicking on their e-mail link below. If you are planning to attend the show and are looking for further information please call (321) 395-3110.

Department Contacts


Kyle Smith
Sales & Marketing
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John Vehec
Event Site Operations
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Phillip Marro
Admissions & Ticketing
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Steve Webster
Flight Operations
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Sara Gauthier
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Chris Dirato
Public Relations
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Note! If you are a food, beverage or merchandise vendor please visit our Sponsor page and submit an inquiry with the indicated interest. We will forward your request to our exclusive food and beverage or merchandise concessioner. Any food, beverage or vendor inquires sent direct to any email above will not be responded to.

  1. Jonathan Hawes says:

    I was wondering if you have RV parking for the event? We will be heading out on Saturday, and thought we could stop at the airshow for the day, before going north.

    I appreciate your consideration.

  2. Mike Giska says:

    Was considering getting VIP passes. Does VIP pass guarantee parking in the Red Lot along General Aviation Rd?

  3. Dan Bork says:

    1. When ordering online, will I be able to download ticket to phone and show electronics or do I need to print it?

    2. Will I be able to purchase Saturday tickets online as late as Saturday morning?

    • Air & Space Show says:

      1-Yes. The tickets will be emailed to you as a PDF attachment that you will be able to present for scanning at the gate.
      2-Possibly, if we do not sell out.

  4. Caryl Bushnell says:

    I’m a snowbird from upstate NY and so excited to see another show! Have been to many and Thrilled with everyone!

  5. Michael Willis 7729057523 says:

    Here is a real good question.
    The current Federal Government sending bill Expires Tonight and 12:00am.
    If no deal is reached…
    Will their be an Airshow this weekend?

  6. Colleen says:

    I usually purchase a year ahead for the next Airshow event. Do you have projected dates and who will be appearing. Usually advanced tickets and promo prices are given after the show. I look forward to this event in Melbourne, FL every year. Thank you for all the work you ALL do!

  7. Cyndy says:

    Outstanding, successful Melbourne Air & Space show 2018. Thank you all for your tireless efforts to address, answer, solve all questions and concerns. It was a wonderful weekend (we are blessed with good weather here for sure) but also having the pilots out and about in the area prior to the show makes them so approachable. The day of the events the pilots were out there mingling with everyone, just imagine how many young lives will not fall in love with flying and aspire to one day be a Thunderbird too!!

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